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After a long hiatus (because m not a B School student any is taking its toll...)..I am posting details of another Crucible evening..this time the Corporate round at Bangalore...

Large no of teams participated which also caught GIRI's amazement..the hall was packed to the max with keen quizzers and followers who hopes to set the event on fire in the years to come

The event started off with a 25 Q prelims..questions ranged from print ads to history of the city to contemporary TVCs..

So here are the prelims..followed by answers:

1. Which voluntary foundation was founded by the present French Minister for Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouccher ?

2. Which Indian was the richest man in the world in 1937 and appeared on cover of TIME magazine ?

3. Whose AD campaign :

4. Which legendary CEO was owns a restuarant chain " KOO KOO ROO" ?

5. Which TV personality in early days did commercials for Dorito's brand of chips, is an automobile collector & writes a column in Popular Mechanics and has a lip lash tongue ?

6. Alpha Passenger is a new diesel powered 3 wheeler launched by whom ?

7. What brand was sold by Marico to Good Food Group of Denmark ?(Clue: Food for Kids)

8. This global auto major has launched S80 Sedan & XC90 SUV in Indian Market ?

9. " Hello Money " is an innovative mobile banking service and has been tested in the Indian market which promises to take convenience to new level. Which Bank (Main market is UK )

10. Hospitality major ACCOR is in talks to create neighbourhood hotels under the name FORMULAE 1 with which Indian group making major inroads in retail ?

11. Identify (this is not the pic which was given..but the person is the same :) )

12. Which is the first train branded as " AIRTEL Rajdhani Express" ?

13. Tara International is an affiliate of Bengal Enamel and it has planned Tiny and Titu. What are they ?

14. In mid 1940's, I signed on for Blue Books for 3 months modelling course. Hired by Holga Steel for 10 days assignment, and was hostess at an industrial show. Which giagantic name started the career like this ?

15. Identify the public private venture that he heads.

16. Which Indian fashion designer said "We don't garments, we make heirlooms" ?

17. Play Tone is owned by which Hollywood star ? (Arnold Schwarzenegar, Tom Hanks or Jay Leno)

18. Which Indian was selected in the board of Governors of American Airlines ? (Rajat Gupta, Indra Nooyi or Vivek Paul)

19. This Management Guru explains Synergy as 2+2=5. His book concentrates on strategy in 1960's ?

20. Which media conglomerate did Lowry Mays and Red McCombs found in 1972 and focusses only on radio? (Red Radio International, Clear Channel Comm, Wave Corp. )

21. It was established by a British gentleman in 1908. Later managed by Dr. M N Mahadevan before it was taken over by an Industrialist G. Rajagopal. What landmark in Bangalore ?

22. Which famous Indian film director owns "Sahyadri Films ", once worked as an executive in Lintas. Also SB Productions.

23. Which apparel co. has CSR initiative "Being Family" to help families adopt children ? The concept was from the fact the co. felt an abandoned child is as good as being naked.

24. A TVC showing one white and one yellow Transparent figure dancing and finally merging.

25. A recent TVC where one US kid and one Chinese Kid communicationg and saying its our network (or something like that)


1. Doctors Without Borders
2. Nizam of Hyderabad
4. Lee Iococa
5. Jay Leno
6. (forgot the answer...maybe TVS or M&M)
7. SIL Jams
9. Barclays
10. AV Birla Group
11. Mr. Damodaran of SEBI
12. Bangalore (Sitter !!!)
13. Sub 1 Lakh Electric Cars
14. Marilyn Monroe
15. BIAL
16. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla
17. Tom Hanks
18. Rajat Gupta
19. Egor Ansoff
20. Clear Channel Communications
21. Cash Pharmacy
22. Shyam Benegal
23. Jockey

Teams Qualified for TATA Track : 4 out of 6 teams were from TITAN...The other 2: One from Tata Tea and the other from Tata Elexsi

Team 1: Titan- Gaurav Kala + Yashwant Kumar

Team 2: Tata Elxsi- Ajay Rao + Nagaraj Keshavmurthy

Team 3: Titan – Mr. Shivaram (defending Blore Tata champion) + Lakshana

Team 4: Titan- Mr. Harish Bhat + Tathagata Mukherjee

Team 5: Tata Tea- Smitha + Ashok

Team 6: Titan- Aditya Kejriwal + Sunil

Round 1: ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVES (Direct-10 Pass-10)

1. Connect : Mission 2018 to world of objectives where corporate houses are setting sports targets?

2. What is BACON mail ?

3. A S/W for intelligent fuel usage has been implemented on all UPS trucks and vans and vehicles...What does it do ? (Mumbai plans to do this in sometime)

4. Roti, Kapda, Makn, Bijli, Bandwidth..Identify the person ?

5. "Seperate Mn from Boys, not from Girls..Strike Now" Whose Words ?

6. Theme for this book - "Mine's Bigger " of Tom Prkins. What effort of him was mentioned in this book ?


1. (Went to Audience) Apollo Tyres mission to produce India's first Singles Grand Slam Winner

2. Mail for which u have subscribed but gets filtered as spam (Team 6 got this)

3. (Audience) Always take Right--Do not stop at Signals

4. Devang Mehta (Team 2)

5. Lucky Strike (Giri answered himself)

6. Building a Yacht (Audience)


: 1. How does India knows VSNL ?

2. Co. formed for multi computer processing, unit comp. servers ?

3. Mysore Gold- Brand Owned by whom ?

4. Who was the 1st winner of JRD QV Awards?


Tata Communications (Team 4), CMC (Again Team 3), TATA Coffee (wrongly told TATA Tea by Team 3), TATA Steel (Again...Team 3)

Round 3: BUILT TO LAST : Crossword (Direct and Pass)
1. Red and Green is the color of our guide (Audience Q)

2. If a kiwi uses Brylcreem and Ambi Pure, Who am I ?

3. Battle Creek

4. Former Owners, Fischer Price, Breakfast Tycoon

5. ______________ and you're done- world of Internet

6. This now renamed Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

7. Destillary meaning beautiful hollow by the broadway

8. In 1990, I became Snicker (Audience)


Michellin, SARA LEE (Team 2), Kelloggs (Team 2), Quaker Oats (Team 2), Amazon (Audience), Cadbury (Team 2), Laphroaic (Audience), MARATHON Chocolates


1. Online ad of a job site




ANSWERS: (Audience), BOSCH (Team 4), Creators of United Artists, Mr. Agarwal of Sterlie Industries (Team 3)


1. Co. anchored cruise, 200 miles away, programmers

2. Prebviously known as LONGHORN

3. Known as the 1st Co. in Silicon Valley

4. If _______ would be made into an independent country, it would have been 10th largest economy

ANSWERS: SEA CODE Incorporated (Giri himself answered), WINDOWS VISTA (Team 2), HP (Team 4) and SILICON VALLEY (Wrongly answered by Team 1: Giri told the answer)


2. Team 4: TITAN (Runners) (My 1st try at Corporate Edition ends in 2nd spot)
3. Team 3: TITAN
4. Team 6: TITAN
5. Team 1: TITAN
6. Team 5: TATA Tea

Ending the post with a Note of THANKS: To Ms. Swagata Mukherjee, whose writing down every Question while I was on stage, helped me to post this detailed coverage...THANKS again

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2008 Kolkata Round

Yesterday Crucible saw a new record...As per Giri the Banglaore round saw a turnout of more than 250 teams...But after he checked the prelims, the turnout for Kolkata was 275 and expectedly so, being the home of Quizzing in India

Well as expected, 4 teams were chosen directly for Finals and 2 Wild Card rounds were held to give chance to maximum possible rest 2 teams were chosen from rest 12 teams...

But first the PRELIMS:

1. A unique channel was launched in 2001 which initially showed daily lottery results. But contrary to designs of promoters, the channel had a flying start & has now become a prominent music channel (HINT: SPICE of South)

2. Who has recently launched 3rd edition of its calendar "Girls on ____" (name of a channel) with a "Green on" theme in India

3. Identify

4. In 1969, German co. Henkel invented this product after studying convnience of lipstick applicators (Oft repeated question by Giri: last repeated at SCMHRD Neev)

5. Original Bond drove this marquee.In Die Another Day, 007 drove V12 Vanquish. Name the Brand.

6. Stan Shih & a group of university friends founded Multitech in 1976, becoming one of the pioneers of Taiwan Industry. How do we know it today?

7. Ragner Frish gave a important term in economics. What?

8. Mortein originated in which Country (Hint: A good cricketing nation)

9. What did S S Goenka, founder of Peurotronics, set up s/w business in 1986 gave the world this Indian software. What?

10.Co.'s primary product was underwear before moving into sportswear in 1970, initially endorsement was done by tennis player Bjorn Borg. Which Company

11.His name is Don Facundo _____ Masso (Hint: Liquor)

12. George Washington first marketed this product as the RED E Coffee. Which Product

13. NYSE Ticker: UN

14. 1st commercial video game PONG launched in 1972. Which co. was responsible for this

15. A print ad was shown (Sorry dint get that) it was of LIFEBUOY

16. This co. obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on 5th Jan 1983 as Empire Holdings being Promoted by the Essel group (Hint: [A total Giveway]: A media giant now)

17. Brand promoted by Vivek Oberoi sporting retro look with Elvis style and sound of "Wakao"

18. Title Track of Johnny Gaddar was played. Who is the producer?

19. Video: New neighbours coming in adjoining building but the wife starts crying after sensing something. Veteran actors Soumitra Chatterjee and Madhavi Chatterjee were shown sharing some food cooked in oil. Identify the brand

20. Video: A taxi cab giving bribe to a traffic policeman and the note after moving hands comes back to the Cab driver (Hint: A day in the life of ________)


1. SS Music
2. Channel [V]
3. GIC (General Insurance Corporation)
4. Gluestick
5. Aston Martin
6. Acer
7. Macroeconomics
8. Australia
9. Tally
12.Instant Coffee
16.ZEE group
17.Vanilla Coke
18.Sriram Raghavan
19.DHARA oil
20.Times of India

The Prelims were followed by 2 Wild Card rounds

Wild Card 1: Teams standing on positions 5,7,9,11,13,15 th after prelims

Teams: IIMC, IEM Kolkata, Techno India, Jadavpur Univ., NIMS, IIFT Kolkata

1. Co. with whom u associate Kindel?

2. Which NRI entered upper house of British Parliament.. (stopped in between by IIFTK) but the final part of Q was: from the world of Beer?

3. Which politician coined the term "CHINDIA"

4. Who said "Nothing comes between me & Calvin Jeans"

5. Which search engine was found by Anand Rajaram and Venky Narayanan?

6. Who recently took over the position of CTO of Cisco?

7. Person with his wife Anuradha formed BAD films. Also is one of the prominent members of BCCI

2. Karan Billimoria
3. Jairam Ramesh
4. Brooke Shields
5. (Forgot this one)
6. Padamshree Warrior
7. Rajiv Shukla

Wild Card 1 Qualifier: IIMC (1 point)
IIFT (-2 points)

Wild Card 2: Teams standing on positions 6,8,10,12,14,16th after prelims

Teams: Ashutosh College, IIMC, IIFTK, IEM, St. Xaviers, Praxis BSchool

IEM was disqualified as the team had only 1 member... But 1-2 teams protested citing their calculated score is more than the Wild Card selected teams...But the dispute dint linger much

1. Automative leader who wrote "Where have all the leaders gone"

2. This Italian family owns 67% in Autogrill, road side restaurant chain

3. Willioanka (only this much was said and IIMC answered on Table2) the full Q: & what movie was produced...

4. Who owns Duracell

5. Shantanu Narayan heads what?

6. In 1992, this Indian industrialist awarded UN populist award & Bharat Ratna (To Giri's amazement, no one evn tried this one)

7. Old Spice was acquired by P&G in 1990 from whom

8. What principle explains 1990 observation which states that companies systematically promotes least competent employees

1. Lee Iacocca
2. Benetton (Another repeat: last yrs TC Corporate Mumbai Prelims)
3. Chocolate Factory
4. P&G
5. Adobe
6. J R D Tata
7. Shulton Corporation
8. Dilbert principal

Wild Card 2 Qualifier: IIMC (2 points)
Ashutosh (1 Point)


1. Arnav and Vijay (IIMC)
2. Siddharth and Vikas (IIMC)
3. Manjit and Nishith (KIIT Bhubaneshwar)
4. Nilotpol and Dr. Jinu Matthew (IISWBM)
5. Shankar and Siddharth (IIMC)
6. Nikhil and Pranay (BIT, MESRA Ranchi)


1. (Audience to start off the grid) Indian writing device named after Egyptian City
2. Brand "India on the Move"
3. From Wonderwoman to Deepika
4. DKW Wonderer Horch
5. Python Rubi Groovy are varieties of this
6. "Confidence in a connected world--Stay Unaffected"
7. William Peres was 1st CEO outside family


ROUND 2: TATA WORLD (4 Questions on Buzzer)

1. Tata Conswood is from which Tata Company? Tata Coffee
2. New concept from Tata Indicom "MEDUCATION". What? Education on Mobile
3. Which Brand is Golden Harvest from Tatas? Tanishq
4. These subsidiaries are form which Tata co.--- APOnline, CH, Diligenta, CMC: TCS


1. (ONLINE) What is this

2. (FINANCE) What is common to : Starry Nights, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ajax FC

3. (FMCG) During 1950, Kodak came up with internal flash & it was developed thus. What?

4. (INVENTION) John Walker invented in 1927 and called it "Congraves" But sales never took off and he died with little money. But it is regularly used today. What?

5. (INNOVATION) Sanjay Kohli came up with idea of using this on the hook of stick to make it smoother and strong. What?

6. (PUBLISHING) (Typical Kolkata Q) Found in 1936 by D. Mehra at College Street Kolkata with 2 slim volume of Bong Poems. Logo was designed by Satyajit Ray

1. SCRABULOUS (Facebook version of Scrabble)
3. Duracell
4. Match Stick
5. Condoms (used on hockey sticks)
6. Rupa Publishing



Along with these pics: A song from RANG DE BASANTI


Along with these pics: The song "Aashayen" (specific) from IQBAL


Along with these pics: The song "ITS MY LIFE"


Sorry I dint get the other pics: Other hints were: Finnish Defence Forces and a song from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

1. Jamshedpur (Kalimati Rly. Stn., Lord Chelmsford was behind the naming of Jamshedpur, the laser shoe @ Sentosa Island is the inspiration behind the one at Jamshedpur Jubilee Park, and Madhavan from RDB is from Jamshedpur)

2. Maruti OMNI (Dil Se is a scheme for NRIs to gift OMNI to relatives in India, Aashayein was OMNIs ad song some days back, and True Value is the valuation chain of OMNI for 2nd hand cars)

3. MITSUBISHI (Ecstacy MIT sis means Mitsubishi, Its My life song was used by Mitsubishi in their ads and he is the founder of Mitsubishi---Yataro Iwasaki)

4. NOKIA (OVI is a service by Nokia, Was one of the brands endorsed or marketed at JBJ and has some connection with Finnish Defence Forces..its a Finnish Co.)

ROUND 5: NANO GAMES (All on buzzer)

1. Iconic brand will travel around India in next couple of days has a special Olympus Camera Edition, Acer Computer edition etc...

2. "We are the ones who encourage copying" Which company?

3. Who said: "Summing Across & only paranoid survives"

1. Ferrari
3. Andy Grove of Intel

Now at this point, before the last question of the day, the Nano Meter was like this:

1. Arnav and Vijay (IIMC)---------------- 25 points
2. Siddharth and Vikas (IIMC)------------ 15 points
3. Manjit and Nishith (KIIT Bhubaneshwar)- 25 points
4. Nilotpol and Dr. Jinu Matthew (IISWBM)- 30 points
5. Shankar and Siddharth (IIMC)----------- 30 points
6. Nikhil and Pranay (BIT, MESRA Ranchi)-- 15 points

The Final Question: 4. Giri only said "Billion Beats" and KIIT pressed the buzzer
and bang came the answer: The paper by A P J Abdul Kalam

And thus we get the Kolkata Campus Champs winning by 5 points : KIIT Bhubaneshwar represented by Manjit Mohanty and Nishith Ganatra..CONGRATS guys

But thats not the end of the day

A tie breaker was held to identify the Runners who will bag a booty of 30K (IIMC vs IISWBM)

1. One of largest banks in this location gives its name to a Index-- evergrowing in Chinese : No one answered: Hangsen Index

2. Marriage of 2 sisters-- Olivia & Elizabeth--was extremely important in the world of business as their respective husbands created a mighty conglomerate Who?

IIMC pressed the buzzer and their answer was: Colgate Palmolive...which made IISWBM the Runners as the correct answer is: PROCTER & GAMBLE

So this was the Tata Crucible Campus edition 2008 Kolkata Round... Wait for next Showtime..will be posted in next 2-3 days

Till then

Happy Quizzing